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logo jemiThe Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI) was created in 2011 on the initiative of Dr. Anna Ujwary-Gil. Since 2012, the journal has been intensively developing and internationalizing in close cooperation with the Editors, Associate Editors, and the Editorial Board.

Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI) ([e] ISSN 2299-7326, [p] ISSN 2299-7075) is an interdisciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal, emphasizing theoretical and empirical articles on entrepreneurship, management, and innovation. The journal is published both in PRINT  and ELECTRONIC (online first) formats. See our website:

JEMI is an interdisciplinary, focused on economics and management, journal that uniquely combines three thematic areas: i) entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial finance, and SME and entrepreneurship policy; ii) management, with an emphasis on knowledge management and network governance, as well as iii) innovation, comprising innovation economics, policy, and management. In this vein, the JEMI contributes to economics and management research, as well as business practice and policy in the closely related areas of new venture creation and growth, knowledge generation, retention, appropriation, transfer, and governance, as well as innovation processes and their economic impacts. In a nutshell, we regard our journal as addressing the interrelated research fields of entrepreneurial venturing and growth, knowledge management, and innovation economics and management. We also acknowledge the context of business venturing, knowledge and innovation, by linking these areas with such background topics as social context of entrepreneurship, environmental and energy issues, human resource migration,  or entrepreneurial finance.


Detailed information about our journal JEMI as well as current and archived issues, can be found Here