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Cover Audyt Zasobow Niematerialnych

Cover Zarzadzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi



Digitalization of the Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation (JEMI)
- task financed under the agreement No. 694/P-DUN/2017 by the Minister of Science and Higher Education allocated to the activities of disseminating science.

Vol. 14

Cover JEMI Vol14 Issue1 2018


Vol. 13

Cover JEMI Vol13 Issue1 2017

Cover JEMI Vol13 Issue2 2017

Cover JEMI Vol13 Issue3 2017

Cover JEMI Vol13 Issue4 2017

Vol. 12

Cover JEMI Vol12 Issue1 2016

Cover JEMI Vol12 Issue2 2016

Cover JEMI Vol12 Issue3 2016

Cover JEMI Vol12 Issue4 2016

Vol. 11

Cover JEMI Vol11 Issue1 2015

Cover JEMI Vol11 Issue2 2015

Cover JEMI Vol11 Issue3 2015

Cover JEMI Vol11 Issue4 2015


monografia vol15

monografia vol15