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The Laboratory of Process and Network Analysis (PAPS) was established on August 8, 2017, as an organizational unit of the "Cognitione" Foundation.

The mission of the Laboratory is the analysis of economic and social ventures in the perspective of the processes and social networks that constitute the essence of the organization and its relationship with the environment.

The scope of work carried out in the Laboratory:

Process audit

  • Analysis of management systems in process-oriented organizations.
  • Identification and analysis of business processes architecture.
  • Analysis of process maturity and organizational process capabilities.
  • Defining key organizational roles important for process management as well as relationships and process dependencies.
  • Analysis of the work environment and human resources management systems in the scope of the ability to create and support process development of the orientation of process management entities.

Network audit

  • Identification and analysis of a social, organizational and dynamic network understood as a socio-technical system at the macro, meso and micro level.
  • Determining the socio-technical potential for process management.
  • Analysis of social networks for the needs of knowledge management in an organization.
  • Assessment of the socio-organizational potential for the needs of building a business partnership.

Laboratory experts

  • Dr. Natalia Potoczek
  • Dr. Anna Ujwary-Gil

Essential grounds for the functioning of the Laboratory

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